Our story


Woofatinos was inspired by our two beautiful Staffordshire Bull Terriers Bullet & Aaliyah. Both suffered skin allergies at a young age, wanting to try a holistic approach before trying medications, we began to research the importance of a healthy diet. Attending seminars with Veterinarians, Doctors and scientists provided informed decisions on what to look for when identifying the difference between 'good' pet food/treats and the 'not so good' pet food/treats. Fortunately this highlighted how many nasty chemicals and fillers are in most treats. We began preparing our own treats for our woofs and the vision grew, it's a privilege to be able to share with you our natural healthy treats whilst also educating along the way!

So far, it has been an enjoyable and exciting journey for us to launch the business, and we are super excited to share all of our amazing products with you. Teaming up with local businesses ensure we only use the best locally sourced ingredients and fresh produce to create our hand make range. Our promise is not only to provide healthy and nutritious treats, but also to educate, support local businesses and be environmentally sustainable.

All of our products have nutritional benefit, are mostly made to order, and importantly our packaging is more environmentally sustainable. We also source 100% compostable mailers, cardboard paper sleeves, and Australian 100% recyclable bubble wrap to help protect your products. We encourage you to store opened products in airtight containers, to seal in the freshness and reduce any unnecessary waste.

For anyone who has any questions or would like to get in touch with us, click our Contact Us page or feel free to email us at info@woofatinos.com.au

Thank you for your support, and we hope your woofs love our treats as much as ours do!!