Choc-Peanut Biscotti Pack
Choc-Peanut Biscotti Pack
Choc-Peanut Biscotti Pack

Choc-Peanut Biscotti Pack

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With our new awesome packaging it is much easier to store our Biscotti, keeping them fresh from the first to the last. Does your woofy love natural peanut butter and organic carob? Well this pack is perfect for you and save on buying them separately. 

These include:
  1. Nana-Choc
  2. Peanut Berry Jam (PBJ)
  3. Spinach
Our heart shaped Biscotti are a fantastic treat for the goodest boy or girl!! A fantastic treat that can be given to any woofy as a reward during training or just because they have the most gorgeous face you have ever seen. Packed full of nutritional benefits from the key ingredients being a probiotic which is great for maintaining optimal gut health & fruit packed full of vitamins, minerals and nutrients so you can feel at ease that you are treating your woofies with a delicious & nutritious treat!

Please note if you are a returning customer our biscotti might look a little different to what they previously did but we promise they are still packed full of yumminess and goodness!

To find out the ingredients of each please visit the individual products.