Pizzle Stix - Long & Skinny

Pizzle Stix - Long & Skinny

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We know your woof will go BONKERS over our pizzle! High in protein and amino acids, the Beef Pizzle is excellent for your pet's brain, coat and body! They also help promote clean teeth and healthy gums. They're a tasty snacky for the woofs who need just a little more chew time!

Made with 100% Australian Beef Pizzle 
Our Long & Skinny pizzle and the average length is roughly around around 20cm - 26cm although both the length and width varies. If there are any pieces we believe are not to our standard we will be sure to give extras. 

Please note Woofatinos treats are not nutritionally complete and shouldn't be used as a complete diet. Feed as a treat and always remember to wash hands before and after handling. 

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