Spinach Biscotti
Spinach Biscotti

Spinach Biscotti

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Made from ingredients that boost gut health! Woofatinos biscotti are great for the immune system and an additive for gut support, especially for woofs with sensitive tummies! 

In addition to its many vitamins & minerals, Spinach provides antioxidants tied to anti-inflammation and disease protection.

  • 100g Spinach Biscotti contain ~72 pieces
  • 175g Spinach Biscotti contain ~125 pieces
Ingredients: organic coconut, kefir, live cultures, probiotics, banana, spinach and organic peanuts.

Woofatinos biscotti are FREE from artificial colours, preservatives and gluten!

Please note biscotti may contain traces of nuts, are not nutritionally complete and shouldn't be used as a complete diet. Feed as a treat and always remember to wash hands before and after handling.